Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Outreach Need

Dear friends, our time here has just been flying by! We are leaving for outreach in 4 days!!! We are so excited and totally trusting God to provide for what He has called us to. With that we still have a substantial, urgent need. We still need about $3000 for the next 10 weeks for the 2 of us to lead our team to the nations! This covers all housing, food, travel, etc. We need this by the time we leave on SATURDAY. Would you please pray about partnering with us for this mission? We have made a short video with more information. If you would like to give please click on the Partner tab above or contact us. Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and love! We look forward to hearing from you and reporting back God's faithfulness.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hawaii Pictures

We only have 3 weeks of DTS left in Hawaii! There is SO much to do/see on the Big Island and we have done just a little exploring. We have visited the North Shore in Oahu, beaches on the Big Island, celebrated my birthday & Evan's and our 2 year anniversary with different hikes and snorkeling, watched many beautiful sunsets, hiked the fresh lava rock to see where the lava is hitting the ocean and growing this island, and climbing rocks at our favorite local beach Queen's Bath. Here are a few photos.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Half Way

Aloha! So much has been happening here in Kona, Hawaii! We are going into week 6 of the Discipleship Training School we are staffing, half way through lecture phase. We have been blessed with amazing speakers and leaders coming through here. The atmosphere here is passionate, loving, and crying out for revival in the nations and especially America! And it is coming, be encouraged! As staff we get to soak in all the teaching along with the students but we stay super busy (12+ hour days) with many meetings, planning for our summer outreach in Middle East, taking care of everyday life details, and we get to spend 10+ hours in worship & prayer every week. Its really all about Jesus and we're learning how to keep our eyes focused on Him through it all. I'll try to give you a little update on several things. Sorry its long due to my lack of updates. Honestly its been difficult to handle our schedule and find time.

OUTREACH: We are planning to go to the Middle East at the end of June with a group of 12 for 10 weeks. I can't give many details here, but we are super excited and it is going to be an amazing time of spreading love, joy, and hope! Logistical details are coming together slowly but surely. If you'd like to hear more please email us! Our school is also currently serving every week at a public beach park in the local community, showing love in simple ways.

TEACHING: WOW. We have learned a lot and our hearts and minds have been opened in new ways. Week 1 we had staff testimonies and saw God move in love and grace among the students. Week 2 was Pure Heart Inner Healing with Tom & Donna Cole. It was so powerful. There was confession, forgiveness, healing, and freedom. Jesus ministered to students broken hearts and brought healing. We saw men and women sobbing as they were embraced and encountered God's amazing love. Week 3 we had Trent from Boston teaching us about the historical man Jesus. It brought Scripture to life as we learned more about the culture of the time and imagined Jesus' emotions and actions in different stories and from His childhood. He is fully man and truly experienced everything we do and can understand us! So good! Week 4 our school leader Dan Baumann taught about simple love of Jesus and intimacy with Him. He lived in Afghanistan for 10 years and spent time in prison in Iran. His is a testimony of simply walking with Jesus in all areas of life and letting Him love us in new ways. Last week we had Christian Gonzalez join us. He is a Yale/Harvard student who has combined his strong faith with his studies and knowledge of many ways of thinking. It was so encouraging and we learned so many new things, especially about loving God with our minds!

TESTIMONY: Personally God has been speaking to us and drawing us closer to Him during this time. We have been super filled up and encouraged. We have seen many physical healings on campus, not to mention all the inner healing. Last Monday night I and some others prayed for a woman who had a lot of pain in her ankle. It kept her from worshiping in fulness and being active. After we prayed all her pain was gone! One of our students was healed from years of chronic back pain, another woman had chronic stomach pain/problem and was healed, and MANY others! Teams that are out on outreach now from here are sending in stories of supernatural signs, healing, and breakthrough all over the world. One team in DC met President Obama and saw a huge breakthrough among students at the University for the blind. In Amsterdam after much time in worship and intercession a whole row on the Red Light District was shut down!!! God's Kingdom is coming in the nations! Praise Him. Leaders in every sphere of society are coming from all over the world to collaborate here. Recently research scientists and professors gathered to discuss seeking God's answers for the worlds problems through science! Fascinating stuff.

US: We have been loving our time here and feel so honored to have this opportunity. It is a beautiful picture of God's creation and faithfulness. Thank you to everyone who encourages us with your love! We really love hearing from you so please email us and you can check out our pictures of Facebook. We have both struggled with sickness the past 4 weeks. We got sick and then 2 weeks later it came back. The doctor told us this week we both have bronchitis. There is no medicine so we need a lot of rest, which is difficult. Please pray that our symptoms would be gone!

Needs: Your prayers are so valuable! We need more prayer and financial partners. We are confident in God's call on our lives for us to be serving Him full time with YWAM. That means we don't have any income. Expenses are higher living in the US and we need extra funds for outreach travel and a large medical bill. Please pray about these things. If you would like to partner with us in some way click on the 'Partner' tab and contact us! Thank you so much! God uses individuals like you to enable us to reach many people with His love. Much love ohana (family)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christian Gonzales - Mark 5 Demon Possessed Man Drama

Here is last week's speaker, Christian Gonzalez acting out a Bible story. Pretty amazing! Enjoy :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Awakening Begins!

Over 40 students are here from all over the world to do the Awaken Discipleship Training School. We are so blessed and honored to be a part of this community to disciple & train students and build new relationships and see God in new ways! This is day 1 orientation and its so exciting! I think God is going to blow us all away! Amazing things are happening through this campus. I will try to update again after the first week.

We have some really exciting news about where we will be spending outreach this summer, but due to sensitive information about the location we won't be posting about it here or on Facebook. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter please subscribe on the Connect page here on our blog or send us your email address. We want to keep you involved because you are such a part of this journey. We can't be doing what we are without prayers and encouragement. So thank you for how you have been a part of that! I will continue to update here especially for the next few months in Kona but it won't be about outreach or details. I hope you will stay in touch. Blessings!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Dear friends, we are writing from Kona, Hawaii, our home for the next 4 months! We are at the YWAM University of the Nations to staff the Awaken DTS in April. You can still sign up if you're interested and there is another school happening in July! Evan and I greatly enjoyed our time in Charleston. Our fundraisers last weekend with the yard sale and concert were a success and it wouldn't have happened without y'all! We are happy to report that we made it to Kona on Saturday ad we are adjusting and settling in. Yes it is beautiful and we are greatly enjoying being here. It has been so awesome to walk this journey and see God's word to us 5 months ago to come here fulfilled. We give praise to Him for His faithfulness, bringing us here for this time, and for how so many of you have supported and encourage us by joining in with this mission! The Lord is building a team for us and it is an answer to prayer. We are so humbled and grateful for how you have come around us! This morning we went to campus worship with close to 1,000 people on fire for Jesus with the same heart as us to seek Him and take Good News to the lost! It kind of feels like we are at a big conference or camp, but it happens every day and never ends! I think God is going to teach us so much while we are here! We have been meeting the other staff for our April DTS and catching the excitement and vision for what we are doing. We're expecting 40+ students in April and our staff of 17 will start training and preparing next week for the school. Thanks for your prayers along the way and as we continue! You can join us in prayer for our students who have been accepted and who are yet to be, for unity and vision or our team, and discernment as we decide on outreach locations over the next few weeks. We're also praying that we can move onto campus asap as our current place is only for 2 weeks and we are looking for a moped for our time here. Please stay in touch. We love hearing from you!

I'll leave you with one big praise- we saw God's favor once again as we flew out of Charleston. We had 3 bags to check which should have definitely been at least $80. Somehow the lady made a phone call and with a confused look gave us our bag tags and said we were done. We checked 3 bags for free! God is so awesome!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Miracle in the airport

Writing from Mt. Pleasant, SC. So good to be back for a few weeks. I (Alicia) am slowly adjusting to the 10.5 hour time difference and my body is taking it hard. Evan is well and happy to eat without fear of what will happen afterward! We have some re-entry culture shock- it seems soo quiet and uninhabited compared to India! But there is something so sweet and peaceful about being in Charleston. We are staying with dear friends that we are very thankful for. I just wanted to do a quick update and share about the miracle in the airport as we left India. :)

We had a lot of baggage because we had been completely living abroad for almost a year. We planned very carefully and checked airline policy to be sure we could bring all of our baggage without paying the $100 fee for each extra bag (we had no money)! According to the airline website we could each check 2 bags from India to US. So we had 4 bags to check including Evan's guitar and we each had a big hiking backpack as carry ons plus 2 small backpacks as a personal item; this is how we normally travel everywhere. In all we had 8 bags. At check in we were told we could each only check 1 bag. On top of that they were VERY strict with their carry on policy and weighed our backpacks and said they were too big and too heavy for carry on. So basically they were saying we had 4 extra bags. We began praying intensely and explaining the situation and what the website says. He brought over a manager and he made phone calls, etc as this went on for about 30 minutes. They were both insistent that we could only check 1 bag each and our carry ons were too big. Evan remembered he had seen earlier on my Facebook a quote "When you are waiting for God to open a door, praise Him in the hallway." So we began to praise God. A couple of minutes later the manager said okay you can check the 4 bags. Then he came and looked at our carry ons and said this is still a problem. And then just said, "Ok you can check those too." Evan asked, "For free?" He said yes for free. WHAT! JUST HAPPENED? WHOA! He completely changed and did everything to help us! We were able to check SIX bags for FREE. That has never come close to happening to us or anyone we know! That left us with just 2 small backpacks to carry, our lightest load ever. Evan and I walked away so amazed at God's presence and favor with us. It was an impossible situation and God came through once again with His faithfulness and power! There was nothing else that could have changed that situation or the man's attitude towards us. Everything arrived on time and our travels were so smooth. We are still praising Him for this 3 days later. Thanks you for your prayers as we traveled!